T    R    I    O

a VR company




A team of three


Trio is an independent virtual reality company working at the crossroads of art and technology. Based in Boston, MA, the company was founded by three game developers who have all spent their careers creating games focused on art and music. Their current endeavor, Circle, is a VR music therapy experience that allows players to explore an amorphous scene while creating their own musical tapestry.


Introducing "Circle"

“Circle” is a VR music therapy experience that invites participants on a relaxing journey through sound and space. The inherent elements of mindfulness and music therapy offer an opportunity to explore music in a calming and passive way.

The Journey Begins

After entering an abstract and unknown environment, you see three different portals emerge from the fog. Each portal possesses a unique musical element. As you make a selection, the portal slowly surrounds you with its shape and sound before taking you into a new space with three more portals. You then continue the journey from one environment to the next while creating your own unique musical tapestry.

With seemingly endless choices and splintering destinations, users and viewers alike can appreciate the surprising turns different journeys can offer.




Participants have called the experience "calming" and "almost spiritual" and many people have said, "I could do that all day.”


The team was inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophical essay “Circles.” In this essay, Emerson writes that, while we each live in a unique and personal circle, we are capable of expanding our radius if we are only willing to try. 

Trio hopes to release Circle in early 2019.